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The YWCA KW's focus is to enrich and empower the lives of women & families in Waterloo Region. We asked the question: Who EMPOWERS you? Our amazing community influencers, leaders and philanthropists responded with their own videos while naming who empowers them and why. See who each of our supporters challenged to do the same! 


MPP Catherine Fife is EMPOWERING! Watch here to see who empowers her! #Empower #ywcakw

Kitchener Deputy Fire Chief Rob Martin shares with us which women in his life EMPOWER him! #Empower #YWCAKW

Brenda Halloran tells us who empowers her, as a woman! See who Brenda Challenges! #Empower #YWCAKW


Hon. Bardish Chagger speaks about which women in her life have empowered her! Find out who she challenges to do the same! #Empower #YWCAKW

Who is a woman in your life that EMPOWERS you? Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic shares his thoughts on who has empowered him, and he also challenges someone amazing to do the same! #Empower #ywcakw 

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