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Community (S)Heroes

Community (S)Heroes
is a FREE program for girls and gender non-binary youth in Grades 7-10 who want to learn how to be a change maker. This program focuses on developing leadership and teamwork skills while also building confidence. Participants will meet monthly to learn more about social justice issues and work on developing their knowledge and skills to make the world a better place. They will also have the opportunity to attend community events, volunteer and help others and will receive monthly mentorship, where they will work with their mentor to develop their own change making project. The program runs for a year in duration and we ask that participants commit to participating in the program for that full year.

Included in the program:

  • Change Maker Workshops: A two-hour program on the first Tuesday of every month, 6:30 pm to 8:30 p.m., at the Downtown Community Centre (35B Weber St. W., Kitchener). The program will focus on topics such as change making, confidence building, allyship, identifying injustice, social justice, leadership, teamwork, etc.
  • Community Outings/ Volunteering: There are two optional community outings arranged each month that participants to choose to participate in. They include community run events and activities as well as volunteering and helping others.
  • Mentorship: Monthly mentorship meetings will be held where you can work with your mentor to develop your own project to create change in the community.


Community (S)Heroes registration is closed for 2019.

For Mentors

Community (S)Heroes are always looking for mentors to support participants in our program. Mentors work with their mentee(s) to pick a monthly meeting time (2 hours in length) to get together and talk about social justice and plan a community change project. We ask that mentors commit to meeting with their mentees monthly for a complete year and have a strong interest to work with their mentees to help them to grow. Experience in social work, community issues, peace and conflict, direct action and or community building considered essential to your success in this role.

All mentor spaces are full for 2019.



For More Information

Jennifer Gordon

Director of Youth Services

519-576-8856 x215


This program is funded by the Astley Family Foundation.