Annual Menstrual Hygene Day

Aug 23, 2018

A group of independent students organized the annual Menstrual Hygiene Day
(MHDay) at the University of Waterloo, which was held on Monday, May 28th
with the theme of empowerment (#NoMoreLimits). The aim of this event was
to raise awareness about lack of access to menstrual education and
products in developing countries, provide resources and information to
menstruators, and break the stigma surrounding menstrual hygiene in
Canada. The event, hosted for the second time at the University of
Waterloo campus, was inspired by the global initiative to create awareness
about menstrual hygiene matters ( An
aspect of the event included a  donation drive for menstrual hygiene
products. Donations were received from both students and professors, and
as a group decided to donate the products to the women at the YW's
Emergency Shelter. Monetary donations went toward the purchase of reusable
pads and menstrual cups from Luna Pads, who liked the idea of supporting
women experiencing homelessness, and so donated some additional products!

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