Happy International Women's Day!

Mar 8, 2017

Since 1905, The YWCA has opened it's doors to help women and families in need. 

Behind the scenes were unrecognized yet dedicated women, working around the clock to help improve the lives of women everywhere. 

For all of the women, who  have come and gone through our doors, our shelters, our supportive housing and our programs:  we wish you the best that life has to offer, and wish you happiness, joy and peace. 

For all of the employees who have worked tirelessly to make the YWCA KW great: we appreciate you and are eternally grateful. 

For all of the women and men who support, stand by and encourage the women in their lives to be great; we applaud you and commend you. 

This truly is a day to celebrate. We hope in some way, through out your day, that you'll celebrate with us. 

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