NEW! YW logo

Oct 16, 2017

You may have noticed something different about this issue of our newsletter!
Founded in 1905, the YWCA is KW’s oldest and largest women- and children-serving organization, providing homelessness and housing programs, youth development programs, youth recreation, early learning and childcare, programs for Newcomer children, summer camp, and coming soon, employment programs! But it happens every day. Callers ask about membership rates for our nonexistent gym. Job-seekers call us by the wrong name in their cover letters. Media gives credit to the wrong organization for our good work. Even funders depositing payments into the wrong organization’s bank account.
Earlier this year we took to the streets and asked 100 KW residents what they knew about the YWCA, and this is what they answered: “Is that the women’s YMCA?” “Fitness?” “I feel it’s the YMCA, but for women.” “Gym facilities.” “Is it like the YMCA?” “Swimming, track, weights.” And, “I’m thinking it’s a derivative of the YMCA.” Eighty percent said they’d heard of the YWCA, but 95 percent described the programs of the YMCA.
The YWCA and the YMCA are separate and distinct organizations, and have always been so, since our two organizations were founded a few years apart (and we were first) more than 100 years ago. But the similarities in our names – in the way they look in print and the way they sound when spoken – have led to a century of confusion, and we’ve decided that it’s time for some clarity. It’s time for a change.
So we’re doing what a number of other YWCAs in Canada have already done. We’re changing our name to YW. And we reached out to our community to help us to choose a fresh new logo that reflects the unique organization we are.

Close to 250 people responded to our logo survey and voted on eight logo options. Thirty six percent chose the same logo as their favorite. Fifty nine percent chose it among their top three. And that’s a pretty convincing win! 

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