Toasty Toes

Oct 5, 2017

Toasty Toes collects NEW WARM socks for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness in our Region. Socks are the most requested and least donated item at shelters, and wet, torn, or worn out socks can lead to a multitude of foot-related health issues. New warm socks really do make a difference - dry, warm feet are healthy feet. ToastyToes began in 2013 to mark what would have been my Mom’s 80th birthday (she passed away in 2011). She always had cold feet and loved gifting socks. I had hoped to collect 80 pairs of socks to mark her 80th birthday and instead got 492 pairs. I thought I’d collect just that one year and was really happy with those 492 pairs. I didn’t collect in 2014 and people asked me why, so I did it again in 2015 and collected 1,001 pairs. Last year I reached out to my network - and with the help of over 40 companies, schools, faith communities, groups and lots of generous individuals, we collected 12,389 pairs of socks (with some of that being cash donations that we used to purchase socks). My house was coming down with socks – and it was wonderful! We had so many socks I couldn’t personally deliver them, so agencies from across the Region came and picked up from my home. Great pictures from last year can be found on Twitter @ToastyToes_WR. Where do the socks go: 2016 donations were received by: Argus House - Women’s, Cambridge Bridges Shelter, Cambridge Cambridge Self Help Food Bank House of Friendship, Kitchener Kaljas Homes, Kitchener KCI Community Dinner, Kitchener Marillac Place, Kitchener ONEroof, Kitchener The Van, Kitchener/Cambridge The Wilmot Family Resource Centre The Working Centre/St. John's Soup Kitchen, Kitchener YWCA Shelters, Kitchener Sock Details: Men’s socks are the most needed, however women’s and children’s socks are also welcome! NEW socks only WARM socks (no dress socks, please!) Keep the socks in the package they came in (it’s easier for counting, sorting, and storing). Date: The campaign runs Oct 10-Nov10 – kicking off on World Homeless Day. Socks are distributed to agencies in November and December.

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