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Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing

Housing is more than a roof over your head. It's safety, security, a sense of belonging, and a sense of well-being.Our supportive housing programs combine affordability with on-site supports that allow homeless women and families to maintain their housing and participate fully in the community.

Supportive Housing, Lincoln Road

We provide permanent, supportive housing for women and women-led families who have experienced persistent homelessness and who require supports to live independently, at our 45-unit apartment building on Lincoln Road. Lincoln Road includes one, two and three-bedroom units.

Supportive Housing, Frederick Street

The YW’s building at 84 Frederick Street includes 15 units of affordable, supportive housing. Six units are bachelor apartments and nine are bedrooms in a congregate living setting. All are for women with histories of persistent homelessness.

For more information about the YW’s supportive housing programs, please click here.